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The income that Mission Care receives from care fees and other non-voluntary sources ensures that a quality level of care will always be guaranteed.

However, additional voluntary support enables Mission Care to offer additional services and provisions to our residents, free of charge, so that the personal financial position of our residents will never restrict their involvement in the life of their home.

These extended activities, including events and trips, form part of the vibrant activities programmes in each of our Mission Care homes and are provided at no extra cost to our residents. Increasingly, we are also blessed by the support of financial donations in aid of the projects that we support internationally, alongside our ongoing commitment to person centred care in our homes in the UK.

Gift Aid
However you choose to support our fundraising activities, please enclose a gift aid declaration form if you are a UK taxpayer. Gift aid means that Mission Care can claim back the tax on any donation that you make, increasing the value of your donation by almost a third, at no additional cost to yourself!

Allocated Funds
Please let us know if you want your donation to support a particular home, project or initiative, and we will make sure that your contribution is allocated as you wish. It is sometimes better for Mission Care if you donate to our general fund, since this means we can use your support in the best way possible at the time.

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