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Jack Fruit Project, Uganda

Since January 2008, Mission Care has been privileged to partner with the World Trumpet Mission, a Christian organisation based in Kampala, Uganda, and the Bromley Town Church in supporting the Jack Fruit Project, Uganda.

The Jack Fruit Project is working to bring transformation to the marginalised community of Kannganda, a village of some 10,000 people, not far from the country’s capital city, Kampala.  Life in Kannganda is afflicted by a lack of clean water, the spread of HIV/AIDS across the population, a lack of healthcare provisions, educational facilities and high unemployment rates. 
JACK-FRUIT-PROJECT - Village-community
Already, Mission Care’s contribution of professional services and capital funding has enabled the development of a church, pastor’s accommodation, bore well and pit latrines.  A pastor has successfully been introduced to the community and we are now consulting with the local community to refocus and ascertain priority as we move to the next stage of the project.

It is likely that the project will follow a new direction from that originally planned, and that education facilities for children and adults will be prioritised above healthcare provision, partly due to existing provision.

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