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Previous Projects

Moi NDabi, Kenya

In January 2007, Mission Care replaced a bore well, pump house and pump at Moi Ndabi, a remote village in the Rift Valley of Kenya, which is home to 10,000 people. 
MOI-NDABI Water pump
The people of Moi Ndabi are extremely poor.  Many families live in simple huts built from logs and twigs.  The village is located on flood plains and countless dwellings are washed away whenever flooding occurs.

For more than 15 years, the community of Moi Ndabi had no access to clean water, travelling for hours a day to access the water that they needed.

The new bore well and water pump has brought fresh, clean water to this desperate community, and continues to provide a sustainable resources and income to the people of Moi Ndabi.  Mission Care’s support of Moi Ndabi ended in January 2010 and we are confident that the village will continue to benefit from our involvement for countless years to come. 

Timbwani, Kenya

Timbwani is a deprived village on the outskirts of Mombasa. There is no piped water or sewage system, limited access to electricity, and many people live in mud-walled huts. Mission Care worked with two other charities - Footsteps International and Education for Life - by providing the capital needed to build a small estate of new houses, giving eight poor families a clean and safe new home, fresh drinking water and easy access to education for their children at the nearby Tumaini schools.

Mission Care’s involvement with Timbwani ended in 2005, but we continue to have close relations with Education for Life which established the Tumaini schools which provide education facilities for 600 students, as well as a feeding programme for all of these students plus an additional 200 children from a nearby school. We are also closely involved with Footsteps International which built and runs the Tumaini Children’s Home in Timbwani and looks after 26 orphaned and deprived children.

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