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Sunshine Boys, Kenya

The Sunshine Boys project is based in Naivasha, a town home to around 300,000 people, located on the banks of Lake Naivasha, two hours from Nairobi.

The project is led by Footsteps International and works to improve the lives and opportunities of the many street boys who live in and around Naivasha.

These young boys, often orphaned by HIV/AIDS or driven from their homes because of difficult family situations, suffer a dangerous life on the streets, often resorting to crime to survive. Substance abuse is common; many of the boys, some as young as four, sniff glue to ward off the pains of acute hunger. None of these children receive education and their life expectancy is very short.

Mission Care has provided capital funding and professional services towards a new rehabilitation centre for the project, which will house up to 100 children. The centre will include a working farm, an administration centre, education facilities, pastoral and health services and a huge football pitch!

Our last site visit in January 2010 saw the completion of a kitchen and dining hall and the installation of an underground water storage take to enable rainwater harvesting.  Funding has been released to build dormitories for older boys and staff accommodation and to provide a bore well facility, which will ensure fresh water, on site.

In January 2011, new funding for the project was approved by Mission Care and will be issued in staged payments to allow the completion of the following proposed works:

*  Installation of windows, doors, flooring and electrics to the dining room
*  Construction of a general stores area and additional changing rooms and study rooms
*  Additional dormitory accomodation for older boys
*  Construction of further staff accomodation
*  Landscape works

It is exepcted that each stage of these works will take between two to three months to complete and we hope to complete this next stage of work at the Sunshine Boys project by early 2012.

In June 2011, outstanding works to the dining hall were completed, which is now used throughout each day by all of the Sunshine boys. 

A sum of £8,500 was released by Mission Care in May 2011 to enable the completion of outstanding proposed works, which include additional dormitory accomodation for the older boys.

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