A visit to the Thames

Nov 18, 2020

love walk care home visit thames river

As some of our Love Walk residents have been feeling a bit downcast during the Coronavirus restrictions, we did a spontaneous visit to the Thames to lift their spirits. Carers took a group of four residents up to the riverfront in Bermondsey, opposite Canary Wharf, where it’s quiet and you can sit right by the river – the views are wonderful towards Canary Wharf and along the river towards Greenwich. The tide was exceptionally high and it was great to just sit and watch the Thames flowing past as the sun went down.

It was interesting to see how few lights there were on in the office buildings at Canary Wharf, as so many people must be working from home. The residents we took really loved getting out and enjoyed the view. We will try to do more of these safe trips outdoors.