Love Walk home residents enjoyed local Ghanaian restaurant in Peckham.

Oct 26, 2021

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Recently a small group of our Love Walk home residents visited a local Ghanaian restaurant in Peckham.

We had not visited for a few years but knew that it was safe to make the trip now. The restaurant is small with only a few tables and is open to the outdoors. We were the only diners and ate a range of delicious and interesting food – chosen with assistance from our residents with Ghanaian heritage. We enjoyed a dish called Waakye -which is cooked rice and beans with meat or fish in a hot sauce, accompanied by pounded yam and turkey tails. Another dish we enjoyed at our meal was Omu Saffi – a spinach soup with fufu and meat with Jollof rice – washed down with a hot ginger drink! Quote a culinary experience!

We brought food back for other residents to have some at supper too.