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If you would like some help and advice we are very happy to help. Contact us at advice@missioncare.org.uk Here are some frequently asked questions that may assist you when a loved one needs to move into a Nursing Home:
A) If a resident has savings or capital of more than £23,250 they would be expected to pay the full cost of care that the Home requires.
Should these savings fall below this amount then the Local Authority should be advised. The Local Authority would then arrange to complete a financial assessment of the resident to establish whether they have any savings/pensions or other means of funds that could be taken into account.

The outcome of the assessment would determine how much client contribution should be paid by the resident and the Local Authority would then pay the remainder to the home.
A) Any savings and/or investments and Pensions.
A) Nursing care: Nursing homes always have a trained nurse on duty and offer 24-hour nursing care in addition to personal care. Nursing care may need to be considered in certain circumstances – for example, if the person with dementia is very confused and frail, has difficulties walking, has other illnesses or disabilities, or continence problems. (All four of our homes in the Bromley borough are Nursing homes).
Residential care: Most residential homes provide personal care for the residents who need it. This might include help with dressing, washing, going to the toilet and taking medicine. If you are considering a residential home, find out whether suitable care can still be offered if the person with dementia becomes more confused and dependent, as a move to another home at a later date can be very upsetting.
A) When a resident is assessed by our Clinical team, we try to establish whether a nursing home is suitable and advise loved ones on our findings. If we feel the resident will be more suited to residential care then we would suggest this to you upon assessment.
If a resident who has been self-funding later becomes funded by the Local Authority, the Local Authority may state that the resident is more suited to residential care and will only pay the residential rate.

The options here are as follows:

> If you would like your loved one to stay in our nursing home, you can pay the top-up (this is the difference between the residential and nursing cost).
> If you feel that your loved one requires nursing care, you can appeal the Local Authority’s decision. (Our qualified Nurses may be able to assist you with this along with our Business Support Team).
> Speak with a member of our Business Support Team who can advise you with any other options that may be applicable to your circumstances.
Q) Our Business Support Team is available to meet with you in any of our Homes or in the comfort of our dementia friendly cafe, Mission Cafe, depending on where is most suitable for you.
As a Christian organisation, help and support is a big part of what we do on a daily basis, not just for our residents, but also for those who have a vested interest in Mission Care.
A) FNC or Funded Nursing Care is care provided by Registered Nurses, paid for by the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) previously known as the PCT or Primary Care Trust.
A) Most residents will be assessed as needing part funded FNC which equates to £187.60 per week. In some instances, residents are awarded fully funded nursing care which would mean that the CCG would fund the full amount of care provided in the nursing home, leaving the family or resident no fees or client contribution to pay.

This is dependent on the level of the resident’s care needs.
A) Come along and view our Homes, chat with our friendly staff and meet our Business Support Team who are here to help. Only you can make the decision on whether you feel Mission Care is right for you and we will support you along the way whilst you decide what best suits you and your loved one.
A) Please contact our Business Support Team who will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

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