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Since its creation in 1952, Elmwood has been synonymous with a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.
“At Elmwood, we function as a united team, a family working towards a shared goal of providing the best possible care for our residents.” - Renold Manuel, Clinical Director

This unique bond between residents, relatives, and staff lies at the core of Elmwood’s values, and the incredible teamwork often transcends daily routines. The sensory garden project exemplifies this collaborative spirit – a haven created through the combined efforts and generosity of residents, staff, and local businesses who recognized the positive impact such a space would have on our residents’ quality of life.
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Discover the comprehensive range of services we offer, designed to support the diverse needs of our community. Four of our homes specialize in providing full nursing care for older individuals with elderly or frail nursing needs and those living with dementia. Our fifth home caters to younger adults with physical disabilities, providing a nurturing and empowering environment for them to thrive.
Elderly Care
Dementia Care
Residential Care
Respite Care
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Elderly Care

Our pastoral team offers a variety of spiritual activities and support for those who choose to participate, including worship services, prayer gatherings, Bible studies, small group activities, and one-on-one care and end of life support.

We are committed to addressing the unique needs of each resident and providing meaningful encouragement in their spiritual journey.
Call us on: 0303 123 3201
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Dementia Care

We understand the unique challenges faced by people living with dementia and we’re committed to providing them with exceptional care. Our devoted team creates a safe and compassionate environment, offering specialised support to enhance their quality of life.

At our facility, residents with dementia find the understanding, patience, and love they deserve.
Call us on: 0303 123 3201
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Residential Care

Life at our care home is a tapestry of comfort, companionship, and purpose. Residents awaken to company of our compassionate team, and enjoy nutritious meals in a communal setting.

Engaging activities and tailored therapies keep minds and bodies active, recognising each individual’s capacity – this fosters a sense of accomplishment. It's a place where every day is an opportunity to live.
Call us on: 0303 123 3201
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Respite Care

Short term care for people who may need help convalescing, or simply as a break for their caring partner, or family member. While we will always do our best to help people, we don’t offer a full time respite service as we cannot guarantee capacity.

We would always encourage you to check with our support team first who will be only too happy to advise and help.
Call us on: 0303 123 3201
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Life at Elmwood

At Elmwood, residents enjoy the comfort of spacious, en-suite bedrooms while having the opportunity to socialize with fellow residents, staff, volunteers, and family members in our communal lounges and dining rooms. Our home also boasts a coffee shop, cinema room, and chapel, all of which are accessible to every resident.

To ensure our residents’ well-being, Elmwood features a dedicated salon and treatment room, offering hairdressing, chiropody, optical, dental, and oral hygiene services. Regular visits from our GP are also provided.

Elmwood is proud to have a specialized floor devoted to caring for residents living with dementia.
Hear from our manager
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Sakshi Wahi - Manager

Sakshi joined Mission Care in August 2017 having previously worked for Bromley Social Services and Compliance Team. She is a compassionate Home Manager who leads with unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality of life for residents in a warm and nurturing environment.

Her mission is to create a home away from home at Elmwood, where residents and their families can find comfort in knowing that their loved ones receive the best care possible. When not working, Sakshi enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the outdoors.
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12 Feb 2020: Sue R (Daughter of Resident)
My Mum went into Elmwood Nursing Home in November, it has been a very hard, distressing time for me...

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The home has a range of things to do. Staff friendly. Not all residents get a drink at 11 and 3,...

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