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From kitchen to heart at Mission Care

Cooking Chapatis

We have a resident chef at Love Walk who is an expert in Indian cooking – and offered to teach a group of residents how to make and cook chapatis – to have with our curry one evening.

We mixed plain wheat flour and water – no other ingredients are needed – and let the flour absorb the water. The kneaded and rolled out the dough over and over until it was super smooth and elastic – before a final roll out and heated in a hot, nearly dry, pan.

It was a great activity for manual dexterity, and fun to do, and the results were absolutely delicious!

Recently a small group of our Love Walk home residents visited a local Ghanaian restaurant in Peckham.

Recently a small group of our Love Walk home residents visited a local Ghanaian restaurant in Peckham.

We had not visited for a few years but knew that it was safe to make the trip now. The restaurant is small with only a few tables and is open to the outdoors. We were the only diners and ate a range of delicious and interesting food – chosen with assistance from our residents with Ghanaian heritage. We enjoyed a dish called Waakye -which is cooked rice and beans with meat or fish in a hot sauce, accompanied by pounded yam and turkey tails. Another dish we enjoyed at our meal was Omu Saffi – a spinach soup with fufu and meat with Jollof rice – washed down with a hot ginger drink! Quote a culinary experience!

We brought food back for other residents to have some at supper too.

Our Mini Bake-Off

One of our Love Walk residents suggested we try making Eccles Cakes – something she remembers baking at home as a child in Lancashire.

This got us talking and we decided that we’d begin a culinary tour of British cakes, starting with the North West! We formed two teams of bakers – one made the Eccles Cakes and the other made a pie called Liverpool Tart. Both were fun to make, and even better to eat!


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